Who is Playing Age of Empires?

Strategy games, for all their obsession with money and power have developed a reputation as being rather dull. People who have never played them always have this perception in their minds that strategy games are exactly what they sound like – boring. The truth is, strategy games have never been more engaging.

Whether you are a fan of the Age of Empires series or someone who has never played strategy games before, the strategy game design has evolved since its inception. In fact, the game developers have made the game’s many innovations into more of a product of its own. Therefore, you can find the exact same game today, but with many other options than the traditional kind.

The first thing to realize about this real-time strategy genre is that it has evolved over the years. Players used to battle for territories and cities in a game based on that where fighting each other was simply too slow for people’s interest. The basic premise in these games is similar to real life in that you have to go about getting things done as fast as possible. One trend has been to create a similar battle by creating what are called Civil War wars.

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The Civil War series is a type of Age of Empires’ game. The primary difference between the two, though, is that this is where the name came from. People liked the name, and thus the games were named as such. Today, they have become quite popular as well.

Players can battle each other using airships in this game. This gives it a sense of mobility, which not only adds to the game’s great concept, but also provides a whole new level of excitement. Additionally, you do not just battle your opponents directly, you actually build great works of art and monuments of historical significance. You get to see what city your opponent had built. This all gives you a new level of engagement as you choose different tools to be employed in battle.

Another type of strategy game that has evolved over the years is the historical setting of Age of Empires. Instead of simply taking over lands and building buildings, you make use of technologies that give you much more functionality in the game. The technology trees are a good way to allow you to customize your strategy and craft an entirely new one. Often, you get to learn about specific civilizations and their way of life through their technologies.

That is not the only advantage that Age of Empires has over Age of Mythology, though. The developers of this game have made each civilization distinct. The most common scenario is that you get to play as a Greek civilization while the Romans and Chinese each have a different set of scenarios. That makes each game so different that you feel that you’ve gotten a different set of civilizations.

These are just a few of the things that make a strategy game worth playing. No matter what age or game you are playing, they will be able to provide something to occupy your time that is exciting and very engrossing.

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