Starcraft II – Strategy Game

A strategy game is a kind of game that is characterized by its utilization of game rules to guide the player’s actions. Strategy games are most often associated with war games or similar kinds of simulations that are usually related to military and naval battles. As far as the Starcraft II is concerned, it is probably one of the first strategy games in existence.

StarCraft II is a strategy game that is a sequel to the original game. It is also referred to as a sequel because it actually involves a new set of challenges in terms of mechanics and features of the game. Since it is a sequel, it follows the same guidelines and rules that were set for the original game.

This kind of game is very addictive and is best played online. The best thing about playing it online is that you can immerse yourself in it completely without even having to meet up with anyone else. You can play it whenever you like and anytime you feel like. Moreover, it can also be played in single player mode as well.

A strategy game can be defined as a game where the players attempt to achieve a set of predetermined goals that are clearly defined by the designers of the game. Most of the time, these goals revolve around military matters and these are the major focus of the game.


Strategies are basically the means of leading a player towards victory. Most of the time, a player will use tactics in order to achieve victory through strategic moves.

Each time a player makes a move, there are two factors to consider. The first factor is the player’s position on the board at the time of making the move and the second factor is the player’s current health. The player’s current health is determined by the character and the player’s character is always present on the map.

Players are not allowed to attack other characters unless they are attacking them first. As a matter of fact, they may only attack the units that they see and attacking the units in front of the player would result in the player losing that particular unit. Every unit has a cost associated with it.

A strategy game may involve the use of several elements. Many strategies in the game involve an element of chance. For example, if the player has an arrow on his/her hand, the player can choose to strike a unit or not, based on the movement of the arrow.

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