Civilization VI Game Review

The most successful strategy games are able to take the player to new levels of realism, and create a sense of pride in their ability to succeed. In this case, however, it feels like more of a chore. Some of the major failings that Civilization VI suffers from include; the lack of a simple mission, the ridiculous amount of time needed to have any sort of action, and a multitude of generic buildings that have no strategic purpose.

So let’s take a moment to look at the saving grace. By having a mission, the game can put your focus on the main objective at hand. These missions are absolutely essential to progressing through the game, as your success will only be accomplished if you are playing strategically and using the best strategy for your situation.

This mission system is absolutely vital, as it allows you to focus on building incomplete cities. With missions you are able to build more areas and structures than you could if you were doing it manually. If you build an area where there is no settlement, you will have to build a settlement in order to get the building up and running.


Without these missions, you will be losing out on the first part of the game, which is completing all of the territories and cities on your map. This leads into the next problem with the mission system, which is the fact that it takes so long to finish. While it may be tempting to ignore this part of the game, in reality it needs to be finished within two weeks or less.

The way that this is achieved is by building more buildings and making your workers do more tasks. By making these actions faster, you are able to boost up your population growth rate, allowing you to expand further and earn more money. This type of economy is crucial to the Civilization series, and while it has never been exactly enjoyable, the upgrade to the process allows it to be enjoyed at any level of skill.

Additionally, all of the useful buildings will help your civilization has become a lot more advanced, while they are working towards a single goal. After a few weeks of this process, they will be able to successfully complete the primary objective of your game. This is great, because it means that instead of spending countless hours trying to achieve everything on your map, you will be able to enjoy the mechanics and have some excitement.

Civilization VI fails to really prove that it is worth playing, simply because of its flaws, but as the concluding chapter of the Civilization series, it succeeds in being fun. At least it is playable, though. Some people might argue that it is hard to finish, but it should be noted that the player needs to work through the mission to get through it, and that playing the mission is far easier than finishing it.

Regardless of what you think of this strategy game, you have to give it credit for being one of the best that the series has ever produced. Unfortunately, it lacks a bit of development, but the improvement that it brings is enough to make it worth playing, especially if you happen to be a fan of the series.

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